Our values

A keen focus on solutions, delivery and supply chain excellence.

Smarter together


We believe in the power of shared goals; a united team – our experts, the client and consultant team – all striving to achieve the best outcome. Collaborating, challenging and driving best practice. Plus, by offering more, we increase control of the process and integrate circularity into our projects.


We thrive as a collaborative team, uniting doers, innovators and planners to achieve success.

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Never stop learning

The nature of complex structural retrofit and refurbishment projects is that there’s always a challenge to be overcome. Our aptitude to solve problems is second to none, not least because we continually innovate, challenge our thinking, explore new approaches, draw on vast experience and deliver best practice.

of our temporary works installations include offcut or reclaimed steel

Lasting legacies


Acutely aware of our impact as a business and contractor, we are committed to leaving a positive legacy. We strive to give back and safeguard our planet as well as our heritage for future generations. That’s why we specialise in giving existing building stock new, quality, sustainable life.


Our projects withstand the test of time, leaving a legacy that inspires generations.

Our Values | Who We Are | Forcia
Always take care

Sustainable thinking is at the heart of our decision making. The same care with which we treat our environment applies to our people, their health, wellbeing and safety. So too for our projects, the quality of our work and the places we create.