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Quadrant Arcade is complete

18th Oct 2019

Forcia have recently completed at Quadrant Arcade which is Grade II listed in the heart of Regent Street. It is the only Arcade on Regent Street and is a part of The Crown Estates redevelopment scheme of works.

Quadrant Arcade has many interior listings which have been restored to its fullest beauty by our team at Forcia. It has also been given an element of modern design through the use of contemporary colour and lighting which runs through the length of the arcade.

The original column at the front of the arcade has been demolished and replaced by a 16- ton steel beam to open up the entrance, allowing an inviting welcome to the arcade’s retail units. Whilst Forcia were at construction there are 180,000sqft of live office floors which were being propped up on temporary works above the 12,000sqft arcade during the period of the column being demolished, the delivery and instalment of the 16-ton steel beam, which meant Forcia had to endure very strict noise restrictions during this period and whilst delivering the rest of the project.

We have delivered works to the basement, ground, first and mezzanine levels which have created a new shopping experience on Regent Street, filled with new retail units and one restaurant in which you can indulge yourself.

This project now delivers the West End a new contemporary form of retail shopping within a Grade II building.